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Still Life

I’ve noticed that making films and videos has started to influence the way I approach making paintings. Whilst reading about Russian Psychic, Nelya Mikhailova, I thought that the groups of objects that she attempted to move with the power of her mind looked like little Still Lifes. I thought of making this painting called “Still […]

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Privateer, Prison Hulk.

In this diptych I’m looking at the breakdown of the social contract and the rule of law relating to the financial crisis. The way Banks and Corporations flout the law with impunity, whilst the poor are jailed for minor indiscretions, is reminiscent of the days of the Privateers and the government sanctioned piracy that they […]

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Painting By Numbers

This is my pastiche of a 1950’s Painting by Numbers canvas. I’m interested in the way the subject matter evokes freedom but the act of Painting by Numbers is devoid of free expression. Painting by Numbers kits tell us something about conservative notions of the role of art in our society.

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I made these gouache paintings from photographs of the Blitz. I guess I’m using the images as allegories of the damage done to Britain by the financial crisis, and the subsequent attempts to manage it through IMF/World Bank/Government imposed austerity measures.

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My old studio, in a former school building in Battersea, had a whiteboard on the wall.

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